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Dive into the New Age of
Streaming Data Analysis

Health Check

Screen your music catalogue and quickly spotlight areas of concern. 


Benchmark your catalogue against the streaming market through our data quality scores.

Soft Auditing Service

Continuously flag latest catalogue issues such as missing payments or reporting anomalies.


Receive real-time alerts and unlock hidden value in your catalogue.  

Catalogue Valuation

Forecast revenues for your music IP and obtain valuations for M&A or advance payments.


Monetize your music IP at a fair value through a robust, data-driven approach.

Our Services

Our Services

Your Benefits

Label / Distributor / Artist Management / Publisher

  • Rapid catalogue health check with the ability to zoom into the royalty performance and any irregularities for DSPs, artists and tracks

  • Stay up to date through real-time performance alerts for monthly financial reports

  • Audited and cleansed history allows robust forecasts that leverage your financial planning and allow more effective deployment of your resources

  • Data driven valuation provides accurate and fair advance calculations 

Collecting Society

  • Leverage our technology for tariff negotiations and maximize artist payouts

Auditing Company

  • Rapid and automatic pre-selection of areas of concern

  • Boost your audit efficiency to audit more customers

“​​Up until this point, it’s been extremely difficult to detect fraud in music royalty statements. That’s about to change in a very serious way.“​
Digital Music News (Paul Resnikoff)

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We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Our sophisticated Data Import Service loads your royalty reports conveniently and provides a quick setup.

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